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What happens after I order?

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What happens after I order?

First you will be redirected to our thank you page, then you will receive two emails:
1 to confirm your order the second email will include your payment info & case number, only then you will get a call by one our lab agents, which is our second choice of contact, in order schedule your appointment and get some basic information, according to the zip code you provided.
If you made the order after 2:00pm eastern time then you will be contacted on the following day.

Is my order secure?

Yes, all online orders through our store are secured.

How log does it takes?

The process for appointment and collection, is between 3-4 business days.

For non invasive prenatal tests, Your test options are:

Two weeks for results priced at $2000 (needs to be past the eight week of pregnancy 6-8 days for the results)
2. rushed test results priced at $2200 (most popular, also known as NIPT 3-4 days for the results)
3. Three weeks wait for test results priced at $1600

Regardless of which test you're going to choose we can always change that later if needs be, but for most cases option 2 should cover any situation.

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Read stories from people that used the D6® labs, It is also the largest and most vibrant communities that talks about DNA tests, including our non invasive prenatal test. Please take advantage of this great resource, and hear from real people that have gone through the process, you put your input or question.

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