Non-Invasive Paternity Test

Non-Invasive Paternity DNA Test

What is Non-Invasive Paternity DNA Test
Non-Invasive paternity DNA test conducted by D6® laboratories utilizes blood samples taken from the arm of the pregnant woman. D6® conducts these tests accurately as early as the first trimester. In this method there are no risk to the fetus, unlike Invasive paternity DNA tests like Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling. It is a new technology available since 2002 and is becoming very popular during the recent years, there are literally a hand full of DNA labs that can preform this test and our partners are the original founders of this ground breaking technology.

Non-invasive paternity DNA test gets its name, since it utilizes only blood samples taken from the pregnant women's arm. The blood collected from pregnant woman's arm will contain the DNA of both her and the child. We extract fetal DNA from the pregnant woman's blood sample, and test conducted to determine the paternity relationship. To perform the tests, we collects alleged fathers DNA sample by means of simple specimen obtained from the cheek cells. A hair with the root attached are other specimen samples collected by D6™ to determine the alleged father.
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Non invasive paternity DNA testing as early as 5 weeks of pregnancy.